Are you considering new ways of engaging in discipleship or being church? Are there groups you already know who you’d love to see connect with faith? Are you looking for new ways to reach your community?

The Pioneer Hub can offer a range of support to help you develop new ways of reaching your community and of exploring faith together. Here are some examples:

  • Coaching: Someone to work one-to-one with you to support you in starting a pioneer project.
  • mission shaped ministry: The msm course is an opportunity to get a good introduction to pioneer ministry and to meet other local pioneer thinkers through a one-year course.
  • Joining with others: Meeting other local pioneers in a small group setting, to listen to each other and get support.
  • Learning: Seminars and workshops provide a chance to learn about specific issues relevant to pioneer mission.
  • Fellowship: Opportunities for pioneers from around the area to get to know one another over food.
  • Pioneer Immersion: Chances to visit existing projects, to see pioneers in action and to learn from their experience.


The Pioneer Hub is a coalition made up of several different denominational and ecumenical groups across South East Wales, The Forest of Dean and Gloucestershire. We are working together to encourage people to explore pioneering forms of mission and ministry.

Partners in The Pioneer Hub include the Diocese of Gloucester, the Methodist Church Wales Synod, the Diocese of Monmouth and the Forest of Dean msm course.